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Poorly executed

I bought this to use with an old iOS 6 iPod. First, the add-free version is tons of annoying ads. Screen overs, garbage from Facebook that takes a few clicks to dismiss, ever changing banners. The point is they want you to pay for the add-free version. But the ads don’t stop there. The covered stations are also laced with ads. Next, its highly European centric. Fine if one is in Europe but the USA section is a complete afterthought. In spite of this, they are quite good at targeted ads. I get some ads for places right down the street from me. Radio stations in the USA are limited in number, are duplicated streams under different radio names and ad intensive. You’ll also find Japanese and European stations thrown in — probably to bolster up the limited choice of USA stations. If you’re looking for USA coverage, take a pass. Once you skip the ad sponsored stations, you’re down to 2 or 3 choices. My overall impression is the app and the stations it covers is typical big corporate providing a means to channel ads.

Good App

Its like a simpler version of Tune In, with information about stations and a good selection.

Very useful. All the radios I need

Love this app

Thanks for the update!

just great! love the design as well

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